Worldex (HK) Ltd. is established as one of the leading export company offering the most popular cosmetics with a professional, experienced team expert in the field of Hong Kong local distribution and retail marketing, as well as outstanding Korean, Japanese, and European product sourcing ability.


We currently sell a great variety of globally in demand products, in particular the newest and trendiest Korean wave beauty products. Our products are sold to more than 600 cosmetic, ecommerce shops and drugstores, such as SaSa, BONJOUR, City’super, Wishh!, and also many small/medium cosmetic shops in Hong Kong and China. As a result of our firm’s established trust with satisfied oversea buyers and distribution channels, our variety of cosmetic products and sales are constantly growing. Due to the rapid growth of buyers and distribution channels in each country, Worldex (HK) Ltd. is expanding our business in handling various items based on cosmetic export expertise.   

Business To Business (B2B)

As Worldex (HK) Ltd. follows the B2B platform, where the focus is selling a variety of cosmetics to suppliers and other companies. Following this business exchange, our company has large volumes of beauty product sales with competitive product pricing which gathers many clients.

Why buy from us?

Worldex (HK) Ltd. aims to provide our customers with a diverse selection, thus we continuously update our diverse product portfolio and receive shipments weekly. Not only do we offer beauty product brands from Korea, but also Japan, Europe, Taiwan and the United States. The popular, reasonable pricing of our products and influence of the Korean wave has enabled us to form an unwavering, fiduciary relationship with our buyers in a short period of time.


In comparison to other companies,  the momentum of sourcing new cosmetic products are extremely quick and cover a diverse scope of products to fulfill the diverse needs of customers. As Worldex (HK) Ltd. provide cosmetics from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States, an increasingly amount of ecommerce shops choose to purchase from us.  


Moreover, Worldex (HK) Ltd. has a stable customer base and maintains business with even steady growth every year, due to our recruitment of new capable salesmen that assist us in our goal of expanding market share in Hong Kong and China.

Marketing Development in the future

As our current market is Greater China, Worldex (HK) Ltd. is working towards to targeting and developing in Southeast China, United States, and further markets. However, it is expected that as we expand and reach more customers (Colourmix, Mannings, and Watsons), the projected sales growth would be around 60 million HKD monthly.


Along with this objective, Worldex (HK) Ltd. is determined to introduce various authentic, quality cosmetics as we develop and expand. We aspire to investigate, help promote, and sell small and growing business brands with good quality products to tourists visiting Korea, through launching their brands in Hong Kong retail market and develop their brand awareness.

Future Development

Worldex (HK) Ltd. owns the exclusive right to various brands with potential for growth directed towards the Hong Kong market. As we aim to expand our customer base, it is our plan to earn the exclusive right to potential brands as it adds to our company’s competitiveness.