Whoo 拱辰享水妍 - 噴霧

Whoo 拱辰享水妍 - 噴霧

GongJinHyang Soo Yeon Mist
  • 拱辰享水妍 - 噴霧

    1. 長時間維持皮膚水份的作用

    2. 含有能夠清涼皮膚的馬齒莧萃取物,皮膚鎮靜效果極佳

    3. 艾香、松樹香等具有AROMA效果的天然植物香為身心提供真正的休息

  • GongJinHyang Soo Yeon Mist

    Chungkiiksudan, the precious unique element of Whoo, supplies oxygen to the inner parts of the skin. And Eunhasoo, which uses the principle of silver purification, fills the skin with clean moisture. Gongjinhyang:Soo Soo Yeon Mist is an ori-
    ental herbal mist for skin that has become dry and dull due to the harmful external environment and aging, which helps maintain very moisturized, smooth and clear skin for a long time.