365mc  纖體茶

365mc 纖體茶

365mc Slim Water
  • 365mc 纖體茶

    365mc Slim Water青葡萄味,葡萄抗氧化,有防止肌膚衰老功效。含有豐富的枸櫞酸和有機酸,對於疲勞恢復有很好的效果。 

    365mc 纖體Slim Water柚子味,提取高濃度蜜柚因子,進入腸道360°極速清潔殘留油脂和脂肪,又添加綠茶提取素,循環淨化血液油脂,清除身體多餘毒素,喝完以後輕鬆擁有好身材! 

    365mc 纖體Slim Water檸檬味,打破傳統纖體飲料難喝體驗,檸檬汁般清新口感。綠茶提取兒茶素,通過血液進入全身,增強脂肪的氧化和能量消耗!

    365mc Slim Water石榴+櫻桃味,大韓民國纖體權威365醫院10年親研。韓國味值最高的安全纖體飲料。選用對人體零傷害的兒茶素作為主要原料,健康纖體才是王道。 

  • 365mc Slim Water

    365mc Slim Water(Green Grape Favour) effectively anti-oxidizes and is against ageing of your skins. Good for recovering from tiredness with rich citric acid and organic acid.

    365mc Slim Water(Grapefruit favour) is extracted from high-concentrated grapefruit essence, removing remaining olein and fat in your intestines and excess toxins in your body. Give it a try if you want a slimmer body!

    365mc Slim Water(Lemon Favour) is a brandnew taste to you with the freshness of lemon juice. Green tea with catechin in the product can facilitate fat burning!

    365mc Slim Water(Pomegranate and Cherry Favour) is a safe and zero-harm diet product. Contains rich catechin for fat burning.