AHC 冰水潤B5安瓶

AHC 冰水潤B5安瓶

A.H.C Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule 

容量 Capacity
  • AHC 冰水潤B5安瓶


    • 蘊含濃縮透明質酸原液、維生素B5、EGF等
    • 採用零下低溫不冷凍不凝固技術,解決皮膚由於外部高溫刺激帶來等肌膚問題
    • 連續使用一周,皮膚即可得到有效改善
    • 這款冰凍B5透明質酸安瓶精華原液比之前精華濃度多2倍,更佳细腻,更清爽不油腻
    • 可以幫您真正做到基底深層護理效果
    • 有效收細毛孔, 保濕, 改善暗沉, 皮膚敏感等肌膚問題
  • A.H.C Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule

    • Contains concentrated hyaluronic acid solution, vitamin B5, EGF and so on
    • The use of sub-freezing temperature is not freezing non-freezing technology to solve the skin due to external high-temperature stimulation and other skin problems
    • Continuous use for a week, the skin can be effectively improved
    • This frozen B5 hyaluronic acid ampoule extract is twice as concentrated as it was before, better and more refreshing and less greasy
    • Can help you truly deep basal care
    • Effectively reduce the pores, moisturizing, improve dull, sensitive skin and other skin problems
    • Suitable for skin all skin types, especially dry water-sensitive skin rough eye can also be used

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