AHC  升級版高濃度PCG膠原蛋白緊膚面膜

AHC 升級版高濃度PCG膠原蛋白緊膚面膜

AHC Phyto Complex Mask Premium
  • AHC 升級版高濃度PCG膠原蛋白緊膚面膜

    高濃度PCG膠原蛋白緊膚面膜適合任何類型肌膚,特別推薦給鬆弛、暗啞、疲倦或缺水肌膚。蘊含50%水溶膠原蛋白,迅即為肌膚提供營養滋潤,撫平紋理,減淺幼紋皺紋,讓肌膚變得細緻柔滑。補濕修護,增加肌膚彈性,緊緻面部線條輪廓,改善鬆弛情況。面膜紙採用100%天然纖維原料,質感更柔軟,順滑貼服,不含任何化 學或有害物質,兼具抗菌功能,令產品效果更為出眾。

  • AHC Phyto Complex Mask Premium

    Suitable for all skin types. Specially recommended to loose, dull, tired and dehydrated skin. 

    Contains 50% Water-soluble collagen, promptly moisturizing your skin and smoothening creases. 

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