AHC 第五代眼霜

AHC 第五代眼霜

AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face

容量 Capacity
  • AHC 第五代眼霜

    • AHC第五代眼霜來襲,一款可以去除眼紋、頸紋、八字紋的全效升級版膠原蛋白全效眼霜。
    • 150小時暢銷保濕滋潤,比四代容量多一倍,質地更加輕薄,吸收更快,滲透力更強,
    • 添加了B5玻尿酸成份,保濕效果更明顯,抗皺效果也更加突出,
    • 亦可緩解法令紋和頸紋,可以有效改善眼部浮腫、黑眼圈、細紋、鬆弛等情況,
    • 全臉可以用,可做睡眠霜使用。全方位解決眼部問題,孕婦敏感皮膚都可以用
  • AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face

    • Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle 
    • Luxury home total esthetic care with eye cream
    • Combat Dark Circle and Puffiness : Enriched with effective ingredients which help getting rid of dark circles and puffiness. 
    • Intensive Skin Hydration : Offers and maintains high moisturizing levels in skin, and prevents/improves fine lines due to dehydration. 
    • Revitalization : Improves the elasticity of your skin and strengthens skin at the same time. 
    • Enriched Nutrition: EGF dermatotropic formula delivers highly concentrated nourishing agents. Ingredients are extracted from natural fruits, vegetables, and plants, and are good for sensitive skin. 
    • This eye cream can be used as face cream

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