AHC - 高級保濕B5 水潤面霜

AHC - 高級保濕B5 水潤面霜

A.H.C Premium Hydra B5 Cream

  • AHC 高級保濕B5 水潤面霜

    含有透明質酸,泛酰醇(維生素B5)成分集中供給皮膚水分,讓肌膚更加滋潤. : 含有腺甘成分補充肌膚彈力讓肌膚更加健康. : 補充肌膚活力展現更加透亮的肌膚. : 鎮定疲勞敏感的肌膚,呵護肌膚.

  • A.H.C Premium Hydra B5 Cream

    The use of advanced technology can detect the needs of different skin types. Hence, provides mild, effective care for your skin. It’s non-greasy with excellent hydration. It provides intense hydration to your skin.