AHC Hydra B5 Family Cleanser

AHC Hydra B5 Family Cleanser

AHC 玻尿酸綠茶卸妝潔面二合一卸妝乳

容量 Capacity
  • AHC 玻尿酸綠茶卸妝潔面二合一卸妝乳

    • 純天然成份,含有透明質酸、綠茶及多種氨基酸提取因子,冰河水等溫和清潔不刺激。
    • 有效清潔彩妝、睫毛膏、防曬霜等,獨有的玻尿酸成份,敏感肌、孕婦都可以安心使用。
    • 亦可當全身沐浴乳使用,防止身體乾敏及長痘痘。
  • AHC Hydra B5 Family Cleanser

    • A mild foaming cleanser that contains panthenol to thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh and moisturized.

    1.Easy Washable Deep Cleansing
    2 .Hyaluronic Acide AND Panthenol.
    3. Mide Skin Cleansing Foam
    4. Extra Moist Complex 

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