ALBION Exage Moist Crystal Milk II

ALBION Exage Moist Crystal Milk II

奧爾濱 瑩潤滲透乳液(2號)-保濕型

容量 Capacity
  • 奧爾濱 瑩潤滲透乳液(2號)-保濕型

    • 改善肌膚保濕,並能長時間保持充足水分,促進具彈性和充分滋潤的水嫩肌膚。<中性肌膚使用>
    • 溫和豐盈的質感,為肌膚補充保濕成分和油分,並且恢復健康肌膚應有的水油分平衡。透過提高肌膚的吸收和保水能力,讓肌膚保持健康狀態。
  • ALBION Exage Moist Crystal Milk

    Improves the skin's moisture retention ability for long-lasting hydration, promoting soft and supple skin.

    With a comforting, mildly rich texture, this Milk Lotion replenishes and restores healthy moisture balance to the skin. It also improves the skin's ability to retain moisture for long-lasting hydrating. 

    Suitable for normal skin.

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