ALBION Exage White- White Conditioning Powder

ALBION Exage White- White Conditioning Powder

ALBION Exage White- White Conditioning Powder奧爾濱 夜用晚安粉嫩膚粉

  • 奧爾濱 夜用晚安粉嫩膚粉

    Albion EXAGE WHITE夜用美白晚安嫩膚粉的美白成分能滲透至肌膚底部及阻止黑色素的產生,締造白皙肌膚。添加保濕成份,給予素肌透明感和光滑細緻感。



  • ALBION Exage White- White Conditioning Powder

    Albion EXAGE WHITE Night Whitening Powder contains whitening ingredients that can penetrate deep into your skin and tackle skin problems. It allows your skin to absorb the most valuable beauty ingredients throughout the night. Easily have bright and smooth skin after repeated usage!

    The whitening powder is rich in Vitamin C and various whitening ingredients. The fine powders will give your skin a smooth and silky appearance. It does not contain artificial fragrance and oil and will not clog pores or cause acne. On the contrary, it can regulate excessive sweat and sebum secretion, and has anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it can effectively reduce blemishes and solve skin problems such as redness caused by excess oil secretion.

    The minerals in the powder help maintain skin moisture level and prevent water loss caused by sweating. Inner skin is moist while outer skin is tender and dry. The whitening ingredients also help to prevent melanin production and reduce dark spots. Use before you sleep to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and repair skin after sun exposure. Skin becomes smooth, soft and comfortable!

    When used regularly, it will effectively improve rough skin, reduce oxidization and revives the skin’s radiance. The special formulation helps brighten up dull skin and brings back the natural translucency of your skin!