April Skin 木乃伊火山泥撕拉式面膜 (5片裝)

April Skin 木乃伊火山泥撕拉式面膜 (5片裝)

April Skin MUMMY MUD MASK  1 Box (5 Pieces)
  • April Skin 木乃伊火山泥撕拉式面膜


  • April Skin MUMMY MUD MASK

    Unlike existing mud packs that are inconvenient and tiresome to use, the mummy mask is an easy and hygienic mask that provides skin firming and pore tightening effect after it drys. The mask contains natural mineral ingredients from the Hawaiian clay that helps to soothes the skin without causing skin irritation.


    Hawaiian clay, the main ingredient of the mask is generated by volcanic eruption in Hawaii. It contains natural mineral and has a high absorption power that helps to remove impurities and sebum, while also providing moisture to the face.

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