It Radiabnt CC Cream SPF 30 PA++ It Radiabnt CC Cream SPF 30 PA++ It Radiabnt CC Cream SPF 30 保濕改善膚色CC霜

容量 Capacity
  • 保濕改善膚色CC霜

    2013韓國最受歡迎美容節目Get It Beauty推介之選,具美白、抗敏、保濕及調色功效,可以塑造水潤富彈力、健康而富光澤的自然膚質。
    CC Cream較BB Cream擁有更多護膚成分,可調整膚色(Correct)及修護肌膚(Care),可作底霜使用,
    再配合其他BB Cream或粉底,或在不化妝的日子單獨使用,令臉色更均勻明亮。

  • It Radiabnt CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

    Banila Co Best Seller SPF30 PA++ CC Cream with the concept of "as part of the skin," can brighten up the skin tone, provides moisturizing and sunscreen protection. The natural compounds can instantly improve skin penetration brightness, fade fine lines, isolate pollutions, and repair skin . It can effectively promote the skin's absorption capacity, while controlling sebum, leaving your skin from the inside. You may easily be able to get nude makeup with Banila Co SPF30 PA++ CC Cream in hand .

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