Bano 素姬淨白面霜

Bano 素姬淨白面霜

  • Bano 素姬淨白面霜 - 簡介

    膚色即時見到透出光茫,令膚色暗沉、面色偏黃等問題絕跡,就像肌膚是天生如此美麗,質地很輕很透,吸收後肌膚完全清爽,皮膚軟軟綿綿滑滑的,還有很好的補濕感覺!擊退/ 防止黑色素形成、以及吸走紫外線防止肌膚變黑既功效!
    訓醒肌膚水潤飽滿,感覺像敷了一晚sleeping mask,非常經常開冷氣既你地!
     美白零刺激 ??

  • Bano IT'S REAL WHITENING CREAM - Description

    1 tank has been set with day cream and night cream, and convenient packaging design, cream will not expose to the air for a long time that avoid from bacteria creation and maintain the freshness of cream.
    Day Cream 30ml
    Instant color seen revealing Guangmang make dull skin
    Skin can reveal the natural light from the underlying skin whitening instantly, yellowish complexion problems disappeared, as if the skin is born so beautiful, very transparent texture is very light, the skin is completely absorbed fresh, soft skin soft and slippery, and Hydrating good feeling! Preventing the formation of melanin, and sucked both ultraviolet to prevent skin darkening effect!
    Night Cream 30ml
    Very comfortable soft hydrogel texture, smear the skin after the formation of invisible moisture barrier, fresh and not greasy and moisturizing is very high,
    Training wake up the skin moist and plump, feel like dressing for a night sleeping mask, very often both air conditioners to you!
    Many ingredients are not the best treatment, the original will not play the best effect, and can cause skin irritation and damage, so why the market generally have whitening products are not suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women!
    Bano is to find this point, the world has always been considered an effective whitening ingredient exclusive use of his invention of technology to be refined synthesis, will push to the highest efficacy and minimize irritation, even on weekdays with a finger on the sensitive issue Dian Dian Honghen itchy skin can also be used
    Like the protagonist of which component D- arbutin (D-Arbutin), attention is not a general arbutin, ingredients which usually appear in advanced skin care products ,, which is the most safe and effective whitening material, make skin Reproduce carved hyun mining whitening, studies confirm that the effect is still continued after the closure of up to 8 weeks!

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