CHA:LAB  吸塵面膜 (紅色)

CHA:LAB 吸塵面膜 (紅色)

CHA:LAB  Pore Mask (Red)
  • CHA:LAB 吸塵面膜 (紅色)

    清潔面膜 - 適合混合/油性皮膚
    CHA : LAB毛孔吸塵機面膜敷完一小時後你會有驚人發現,皮膚上多餘的油脂,黑頭和粉刺會被吸走,有助清潔吸收細毛孔


    1. 打通毛孔通道
    2. 收細毛孔
    3. 改善皮膚文理細緻度
    4. 提升皮膚明亮度
    5. 增加肌膚保濕度
    6. 改善皮膚發紅現象
    7. 輸送精華營養給臉部

  • CHA:LAB Pore Mask (Red)

    - Mixed, oily skin or acne skin, apply one hour or so aim to take away excess oily as well as acne, so, the mask is well performed its function.
    - Surprisingly, the mask has a lot of supple on it, skin color tuns like a pearl, and also large pores have been shrinkage after an hour.
    - T zone oil phenomenon eased.
    - After the mask is off your face, soak into the water for 5 seconds, the principle of the separation of oil and water.
    - The mask in bright places, found that parts of the mask covering T thinnest, driest, the above seems there will be some small Oh small granular thing.