Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence MistChanel 山茶花保濕精華噴霧

容量 Capacity
  • Chanel 山茶花保濕精華噴霧

    • 配方的核心注入了CHANEL代表性花卉─山茶花(Camellia)的高度保濕專利**活性成份:山茶花PFA (Camellia Alba PFA)*。結合高效抗氧化的藍薑PFA (Blue Ginger PFA),為肌膚帶來最理想的保濕效果。 
    • HYDRA BEAUTY 潤澤修護精華噴霧 配方加添了維他命衍生物(C和E) 及玻尿酸(hyaluronic acid),為肌膚即時灌注水份及能量。肌膚重獲光澤與舒適,面龐綻放亮麗神采。
    • 空氣般輕盈的微細噴霧精華被肌膚瞬間吸收,帶來無可比擬的清新舒適感覺
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

    • The essential moisturising serum for women on the go. HYDRA BEAUTY Essence Mist is a concentrated spray that hydrates, protects and energises skin at any time of day. Its' fine texture envelops the face in a halo of freshness with a fruity fragrance. Ideal to set makeup.
    • For all skin types.
    • With the HYDRA BEAUTY skincare line, CHANEL Research reveals the power of its iconic flower, the camellia, and its exclusive* ultra-hydrating active ingredient: Camellia Alba PFA.** This key active ingredient helps skin restore and maintain optimal moisture levels in the cells.
    • HYDRA BEAUTY Essence Mist energises skin and enhances its radiance. It delivers a sensation of comfort, no matter what the changing environmental conditions.

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