Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro SerumChanel 山茶花保濕微精華露

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  • Chanel 山茶花保濕微精華露

    • CHANEL運用革命性「微囊科技」,嶄新研創HYDRA BEAUTY 山茶花保濕微精華露。
    • HYDRA BEAUTY 山茶花保濕微精華露的獨特配方,由一顆顆滿載山茶花精油的微細氣泡組成,是CHANEL首次將「微囊科技」應用於護膚品的科研成果。此項革命性科技讓微細氣泡中的純淨活性養分得以保存,與肌膚接觸後即時分解滲透,持續釋放潤澤能量。
    • 無比精緻細密的微細氣泡,注滿山茶花精油的保濕防禦力量。極致親膚,與肌膚完美融合,瞬間釋放珍貴養份再滲透至肌膚底層,締造水漾富彈性的嫩滑美肌。無可比擬的水漾質感,為女士帶來前所未有的舒適感官享受。
    • 肌膚持續24小時獲得源源水潤和滋養,沉醉於無微不至的完美寵護,肌膚時刻注滿水分,豐盈柔滑,閃耀年輕光芒。
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

    • With HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum, CHANEL reinvents hydration. The first serum composed of camellia micro-droplets is based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics, making it possible to create droplets of active ingredients whose purity remains intact until the moment of application. In perfect affinity with the skin, these micro-droplets fuse with it, releasing their precious camellia extract for continuous hydration and an intense plumping effect. The unprecedented texture offers a completely new sensory experience.
    • Continuously hydrated for 24 hours and perfectly protected, the skin is infused with moisture. Smooth and replenished, it is glowing with youth.

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