Chloe  玫瑰之心女性淡香精

Chloe 玫瑰之心女性淡香精

Chloe Chloe Fleur (W) EDP

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  • Chloe 玫瑰之心女性淡香精

    想像手捧著一把剛採集下來的玫瑰花束,深深地朝花束嗅出一抹柔軟鮮嫩的清新。調香大師 Michel Almairac 與 Mylène Alran 在 Chloe 的香氛藝術裡,亦亟於捕捉那種真實而豐富一面,如同玫瑰花芯所蘊涵的美好初衷。覆盆莓的微酸為這引人入勝,隨之而來馬鞭草的清新與明亮,抹上一點青綠,而隨風搖曳的櫻花更帶來一種自在舒服的女人味,白麝香與杏仁的甜美柔軟則讓這款香水不僅宛如一束自然真實的花束,也無違和地彷彿像是女性第二層肌膚。兩位調香師即使運用簡單而自然的香氛元素,透過精密的比例調配,卻也呈現出全然不同的優雅風貌,宛若法國女性看似簡單而充滿巧思的時尚哲學。

  • Chloe Chloe Fleur (W) EDP

    Chloé Fleur de Parfum retains the character of the original with additional "flower charm" in an attempt to display a rose bouquet in powdery beige. It is described as a naturally elegant and sensual veil that covers the skin.

    The delicate and powdery composition is a work of perfumers Michel Almairac and Mylene Alran, who tried to evoke the essence of a flower in its full bloom. The perfume allegedly contains rose pistil. With pistil rose and its fruity and spicy undertones, the additional accords include fresh and sparkling verbena blossom, almondy cherry blossom and powdery rice.

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