Claire's Cloud 9 Whitening Cream

Claire's Cloud 9 Whitening Cream

Claire's 九朵雲去斑面霜
  • 九朵雲去斑面霜




  • Cloud 9 Whitening Cream

    It is also called anti-chloasma cream which intensively takes care of blemishes like chloasma for illuminated and clean skin like cloud. 

    It contains nine natural complex ingredients; aloe, saussurea, involucrata, white ginseng, lilium candidum, houttuynia cordata, freesia, daisy, and edelweiss extracts, and these ingredients help reduce melanin as well as redness by UV rays.

    Clinical test completed. Helping reduce melanin/Maintaining skin brightness for 12 hours. Reducing redness by UV rays/improving skin brightness temporarily.