Clarins V臉精華塑顏瘦臉精華乳

Clarins V臉精華塑顏瘦臉精華乳

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Toatal V contouring serum

容量 Capacity
  • Clarins V臉精華塑顏瘦臉精華乳

    皮膚類型: 一般肌膚, 乾性肌膚, 混合性肌膚, 油性肌膚


    1. 纖顏: 高效分解脂肪,消減baby fat,纖瘦V臉型!  

    2. 提升: 修護雙頰及下巴鬆弛肌膚,令「蘋果肌」更緊緻立體,告別雙下巴,提升V臉頰!  

    3. 排水 : 加速血液及淋巴系統循環,減少臉部水分積聚,撃退浮腫,緊塑V頸顎! 

  • Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Toatal V contouring se

    Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily

    Developed by CLARINS Research, this powerful new complex combines three plant extracts with proven properties: Guarana extact, Kaki extract and Zerumbet Ginger extract.  

    1. Slim: Slimmer face, for more visible and enhanced cheekbones, minimized double chin.  

    2. Lift: for a shaper facial line and tighter skin.  

    3. De-puff: for a shaper facial features and a brighter complexion. 

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