Compeed 預防雞眼滋潤型膠布(含水楊酸成份)

Compeed 預防雞眼滋潤型膠布(含水楊酸成份)

Compeed COMPEED Moisturising Corn plasters
  • Compeed 預防雞眼滋潤型膠布(含水楊酸成份)


  • Compeed COMPEED Moisturising Corn plasters

    Do more for your corns than regular moisturising alone.
    COMPEED® Moisturising Corn plasters are designed to help prevent corns on the feet thanks to their cushioning and continuous moisturisation. The COMPEED® hydrocolloid technology with its unique softening serum core:

    • Delivers targeted and continuous moisturisation into hardened skin layers.
    • Protects and cushions against rubbing and pressure.
    • Relieves the pain of pressure points and hardened skin that build up to form corns.
    • Designed to help stop corns before they start.

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