Cosme Decorte 時光活氧循環露 (滋潤型)

Cosme Decorte 時光活氧循環露 (滋潤型)

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lotion ER
容量 Capacity
  • Cosme Decorte 時光活氧循環露 (滋潤型)

    1 運用有活氧製造機之稱的「穿心蓮萃取液」,幫助修護肌膚歲月痕跡,實現「彈密肌」。
    2 多重迴旋導航囊體搭配豐富柔軟肌膚的成分,能滋潤柔軟肌膚,重新調整紋理,實現潤澤充滿彈性的肌膚。
    3 提升表皮肌膚水分,具活肌功效。
    4 觸感水潤柔軟,迅速滲透每吋肌膚,肌膚宛如使用精華液後般,光澤飽滿。

  • Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lotion ER

    1 All-new new anti-aging series that makes use of oxygen-rich herb Andrographis paniculata, which helps fight signs of aging and restore nutrients to skin for a younger, more elastic and supple look.
    2 Multiple advanced capsules with active ingredients which refine skin texture, soften and increase skin’s elasticity.
    3 Added with Theanine, Poria Cocos herbal extract for replenishing moisture for surface skin and revitalizing skin.
    4 Soft and hydrating texture penetrates every inch of skin to restore glowy and plumped skin just like after using essence.

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