Cosme Decorte 白檀全效修護露

Cosme Decorte 白檀全效修護露

Cosme Decorte Repair Lotion
容量 Capacity
  • Cosme Decorte 白檀全效修護露

    1 調理紊亂肌理,賦予肌膚充盈光澤的高機能化妝水
    2 高濃度配合黏蛋白囊體,塗抹瞬間,彷彿融於肌膚﹐可提高肌膚防禦能力,呵護肌膚免受干燥等外部侵害
    3 亞洲白樺樹汁、白檀提取物、五勝肽等成份同黏蛋白囊體共同發揮作用,使肌膚更顯通透水潤

  • Cosme Decorte Repair Lotion

    1 GL KOJIC ACID suppresses excessive melanin production while working together with TABEBUIA IMPETIGINOSA CP to prevent dark spots and freckles from becoming darker
    2 ALGINSOMEgenerously moisturizes the skin to support cell turnover.  Pleasantly penetrates the skin with a smooth feel, as if being actively soaked up by the skin. 

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