Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Bar

Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Bar

Cosme Decorte 白檀洗顏皂
  • Cosme Decorte 白檀洗顏皂

    1 豐盈泡沫助你徹底去除污垢,配方在潔面時同時滋潤面部肌膚。
    2 以雙手迅速地產生如絲般的豐盈泡沫,能清除肌膚的老化角質,打造明亮肌膚。
    3 特別加入透明質酸,不停為肌膚注入水份,守護肌膚避免乾燥。
    4 能抵達皮膚細紋深處,去除一切污垢,讓你的肌膚回復光澤透亮。

  • Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Bar

    1 Removes thoroughly impurities while providing extreme moisture each time you wash with it.
    2 Provides extra thick lather to extract even dead skin cells.
    3 Protects the skin from dryness with the formulated hyaluronic acid which has high moisture content.
    4 Reaches into the skin to whisk away impurities lodged deep inside fine lines, boosting the clarity and luster in your skin.

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