Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Emulsion White

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Emulsion White

Cosme Decorte 時光活氧淨白光柔膚乳
  • Cosme Decorte 時光活氧淨白光柔膚乳

    1 提昇肌膚透明感的美白乳液,彷彿穿透般澄淨無瑕,呈現充滿活力光澤的肌膚質感。
    2 黛珂時光活氧美白系列集結了日本傳統傳承下來的保濕成分榿木果萃取液以及在中國被活用在美容保養的旋覆花萃取液,研發出「淨白光複合體」,維持肌膚角質的理想狀態並改善膚色。
    3 含有維他命C衍生物抑制麥拉淋生成,預防黑斑還原肌色。
    4 搭配親膚性高,以天然維他命E、玻尿酸、磷脂質所組成的新傳輸複合囊體。

  • Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Emulsion White

    1 Enhances skin clarity. It imparts impeccably clear brightness and vibrant radiance to skin
    2 Reduces melanin pigments and suppresses melanin overproduction, thereby preventing dark spots and freckles
    3 The highly penetrative, long-enduring capsules penetrate the skin, hydrating it and preparing it to absorb active ingredients
    4 Relax skin prone to dehydration and hardening due to UV radiation and aging. This ingredient improves the suppleness of the skin

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