Dior Miss Dior  EDP

Dior Miss Dior  EDP

Dior Miss Dior  EDP迪奥 甜心小姐女士香水

容量 Capacity
  • 迪奥 甜心小姐女士香水

    大膽而高雅的香薰以西普花香揭示Miss Dior的永性時尚。其柑橘前調蘊含西西里柑橘與血橙帶來的勇氣與力量。中心香調是動人的格拉斯玫瑰與皇室茉莉組成的交響樂。印尼廣藿香精華賦予其性感又當代的質感。 Miss Dior香薰瞬間迷人,極易愛上。

  • Dior Miss Dior  EDP

    The bold and elegant Eau de Parfum reveals the timeless chicness of Miss Dior in a chypre floral fragrance. Its citrusy top notes, featuring Sicilian mandarin and blood orange, bring audacity and energy. The floral heart is a symphony combining the sensuality of Grasse rose with Grandiflorum jasmine. Indonesian Patchouli essence gives it sensual and contemporary sophistication. An instantly charming Miss Dior fragrance that is easy to love.

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