DIORSKIN 迪奧凝脂輕盈沁透蜜粉

DIORSKIN 迪奧凝脂輕盈沁透蜜粉

Diorskin Nude air powder
  • DIORSKIN 迪奧凝脂輕盈沁透蜜粉


    Dior迪奧凝脂輕盈沁透蜜粉與Dior迪奧凝脂輕盈沁透蜜粉餅作為終極完妝之筆,以其奪目非凡的輕盈質感,時時刻刻令面部綻放清新亮採。 輕盈的“透氣”質地,建立起抵禦污染的防護屏障,限制肌膚對有害顆粒的吸入,使肌膚自由呼吸。每次使用後,肌膚盡綻自然之美。 配方 完美自然妝效 細膩粉末質地宛如空氣般輕盈,富含透明因子,完美調節肌膚通透妝感,同時保留肌膚的自然色調。只需底妝刷輕輕一掃,瞬間呈現完美裸色親膚底妝,透現戶外般的自然清新光采。 自然呼吸的防護屏障 傾注甜橙精粹,融合維生素與礦物質成分,自然調和膚色,令肌膚奕奕散發生機光采。如同“智能面料”的“透氣”質地,為肌膚建立抵禦污染的防護屏障,限制肌膚對有害顆粒的吸入,平衡肌膚天然機制。




  • Diorskin Nude air powder


    The ultimate finishing touch, impressively lightweight Diorskin Nude Air loose and compact powders maintain the illusion of a fresh and radiant face. 
    Airy and non-occlusive, they let the skin breathe freely and form a genuine "pollution-fighting" shield that limits the absorption of harmful particles. The skin preserves its natural beauty with each new application.



    Perfectly natural-looking makeup
    Enriched with transparent pigments, this formula contains airy powders, invisible to the naked eye, that provide the perfect shade without altering the natural skin tone. A sweep of the brush is all it takes to create invisible nude makeup with a velvety finish that is incredibly natural, luminous and simply sublime, like after a day in the great outdoors.
    A natural breathable shield
    Sweet orange extract is teamed with vitamins and minerals to tone the complexion. Non-occlusive and "breathable", the compact powder acts like a "smart fabric", creating a pollution-fighting shield that limits the absorption of harmful particles without affecting the natural functioning of the skin.