Diptyque  Florabellio EDT Tester

Diptyque Florabellio EDT Tester

Diptyque 弗羅拉淡香水
  • Diptyque 弗羅拉淡香水

    一幅美好的嗅覺風景,一個懷舊片段,使回憶與現實之間的界線消彌無影,引領我們進入diptyque創辦人之一Christiane Gautrot在諾曼第度過的兒時記憶。

    透過Terri Weifenbach的攝影作品,引領我們走上一條神奇小徑,從開滿蘋果樹花的林間,漫步至海濱岸邊,而這些如夢似幻的照片,完整的訴說了香氛的前、中、後味組成。

  • Diptyque Florabellio EDT Tester

    Apple blossom, marine accord, coffee-
    A fragrance created as an olfactory landscape: in the foreground, invigorating and salty sea spray mingles with the vegetal bitterness of sea fennel. It then develops around soft and sensual apple blossom, and in the background, like an optical illusion, swirling wafts of roasted coffee with toasted sesame accents.