Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau De Parfum

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau De Parfum

Dolce&GabbanaDolce Rosa Excelsa Eau De ParfumDolce&Gabbana 真愛西西里玫瑰女士香水

  • Dolce&Gabbana 真愛西西里玫瑰女士香水

    全新 Dolce Rosa Excelsa 香水,傳承 Dolce 品牌一貫傳統,萃取新鮮花瓣之精華,彰顯玫瑰之勇敢純潔。Dolce Rosa Excelsa Precious Heart 香水蘊含兩種玫瑰香調,優雅高貴、魅力無限。African Dog Rose 首次
    應用於製香工藝,以求製造出精美香水。將此種罕見香調與象徵女性特質的 Turkish Rose Absolute 相結合,強烈香調令人神往。玫瑰標誌及其永恆性和獨特性,是 Dolce&Gabbana Runway系列的永恆主題。


    中調:Turkish Rose Absolute 的罕見香調與稀有的 African Dog Rose 相結合,為 Dolce 的混合香調更添嫵媚。

  • Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau De Parfum

    Following the floral tradition initiated by Dolce, the new Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau de Parfum captures the boldness and pure spirit of the rose with the essence of fresh petals in bloom. The precious heart of Dolce Rosa Excelsa seduces with two delicate and noble Rose notes. Used for the first time in perfumery, the African Dog Rose premieres in this exquisite fragrance creation. This rare note is combined with the
    enveloping femininity of the Turkish Rose Absolute, highly-prized in perfumery for its olfactive intensity. Iconic, timeless and unique, the rose is a recurrent motif throughout Dolce&Gabbana’s runway collections.


    TOP:The fragrance opens with a sweet-smelling explosion of lively Neroli leaves and Papaya flowers, dissipating into a floral bouquet of White Water Lily and White Daffodil.
    HEART:Precious notes of Turkish Rose Absolute and rare African Dog Rose add charming richness to Dolce’s signature blend.
    BASE:The feminine floral heart is counterbalanced by a background of warm Musky notes, Cashmeran and Sandalwood, leaving a sensual trail of light woods, earthy tones and piquant spices.