Dr. Althea 水光針美白素顏霜

Dr. Althea 水光針美白素顏霜

Dr. Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream

  • Dr. Althea 水光針美白素顏霜




    • 提亮膚色﹕當中的高美白成份可有效改善暗沉、斑點,使肌膚透白,並均勻膚色
    • 長效補水﹕添加了透明質酸,將水分緊緊鎖住,防止水份流失,保持肌膚水嫩亮澤
    • 對抗老化﹕有效抗衰老,減淡幼紋,緊緻肌膚
  • Dr. Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream

    With one single wipe, this whitening cream can increase your skin tone, allowing you to get rid of Photoshop and to achieve the most natural and smooth skin. Do not hesitate. Come to experience all the skin-brightening, wrinkles-removal, elasticity-enhancement and pore-tightening effect at the same time. 


    • Brightening skin: The whitening complex can improve dull skin and spots, evening and whitening skin
    • Long-term moisture: Infused with Hyaluronic acid, it can maintain moisture for a long time
    •  Anti-oxidizing: Reduce wrinkles and tighten pores