Dr. Althea 補水修護蠶絲面膜

Dr. Althea 補水修護蠶絲面膜

Dr. Althea Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask

  • Dr. Althea 補水修護蠶絲面膜

    Dr.Althea 補水修護蠶絲面膜,有效調理肌膚油脂分泌,回復水油平衡,而且高效保濕、紓緩,只需敷上 20 至 30 分鐘,便讓肌膚每個細胞都喝飽水,還給皮膚最佳狀態,絕對是女生家中的必備急救好物!





    • 深層保濕:為皮膚注入源源不絕的水分和營養, 提升肌膚的儲水和鎖水能力,防止水分流失,撫平換季的不適。
    • 消炎淨痘:含金縷梅及三七萃取液,速效殺菌、淨化及收斂粗大毛孔,預防痘痘再生。
    • 飽滿回彈:添加蠶絲萃取液,能迅速浸透粗糙角質,賦予肌膚絲綢般質地,回復嬰兒般幼嫩彈滑。
  • Dr. Althea Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask


    • Produce perfect skin by improve the oil skin problem. You need a natural moisturizer- an efficient smoothing skill mask with high repair power. It is essential for all girls’ home.
    • Invisible silk sheet material with no uncomfortable and anti-slippery from the face.
    • Large amount of water with nutrients is injected into your skin, increase the locking water power for the skin at the same time. It is a good choice for smoothing seasonal restlessness, rapid elimination of little skin blemishes. Keep your skin fresh but not greasy.
    • Moisturizing + Skin Cleansing + Pores Repair 
    • Providing every cell drink full of water in 20 minutes to 30 minutes, the mask helps your skin quickly return to the most perfect state of health.