Dr Jart 激光瓷白面膜

Dr Jart 激光瓷白面膜

Dr JartV7 Toning Mask

  • Dr Jart 激光瓷白面膜

    Dr Jart 激光瓷白面膜富含維他命和保濕成分,有效提亮膚色和注入水分,塑造亮白水嫩的肌膚。


    • 提亮膚色:蘊含7種維他命及白玉成分,有效瞬間亮白肌膚,同時均勻膚色。
    • 注入養分:豐富的維他命富含營養,滋潤肌膚。
    • 高效保濕:保濕成分帶來超保濕功效,增加肌膚水潤觸感,有助改善膚質。
  • Dr Jart V7 Toning Mask

    Dr. Jart+ V7 Toning Mask is a 7 Vitamin complex mask with moisturizing agents, skin is left feeling brightened, softened, and moisturized.

    Multiple Features:

    • Brightening: Formulated with 7 types of vitamin and white pearl content help to brighten skin tone and help it stay radiant.
    • Moisturizing: Enriched with moisturizing content replenishes skin and makes skin look more smooth and healthy.

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