Dr.Jart+  綠色藥丸 抗敏鎮靜 面膜

Dr.Jart+ 綠色藥丸 抗敏鎮靜 面膜

Dr.Jart+  Dermask Soothing Hydra Solution
  • Dr.Jart+ 綠色藥丸 抗敏鎮靜 面膜

    綠色藥丸 抗敏鎮靜 面膜專為乾性、敏感的受損肌膚而設,蘊含蘆薈發芬多精成份,快速為肌膚補濕同時舒緩,幫助敏感肌膚加快復原。,為肌膚補充營養,令肌膚於用後充滿活力,持久維持水潤。

  • Dr.Jart+ Dermask Soothing Hydra Solution

    Dermask Soothing Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask is a cellulose sheet mask that hydrates, soothes, and calms the sensitive irritation of the dehydrated skin.It made of fine cellulose fiber, the lightweight, transparent mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and moisturizing ingredients for an ultimate hydration therapy. It immediately soothes skin stress and prevents hydration loss. The comforting complex derived from botanical extracts—including aloe vera and phytoncides—provides instant cooling moisturization with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to help calm. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates.