Dr.Jart+ 銀管BB霜

Dr.Jart+ 銀管BB霜

Dr.Jart+ Label+ Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm
容量 Capacity
  • Dr.Jart+ 銀管BB霜

    Dr. Jart 銀管美白活化BB霜質地輕薄清爽,有效完全遮蓋面上瑕疵,SPF 35 PA++ 的特別專業配方蘊含多種活化成分,發揮多重功效: 遮蓋面上瑕疵,活化肌膚防止皺紋及細紋,同時舒緩發炎或紅腫肌膚,並保護皮膚免受有害陽光損害。此產品特別適合有暗瘡問題人士,能遮蓋泛紅肌膚及瑕疵以均勻膚色。

  • Silver Label+ Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm

    The Silver Label Rejuvenating BB brightens and evens skin tone while delivering a luxurious matte finish that does a good job of concealing scars and blemishes. It is formulated with SPF 35 that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, making it fantastic for everyday use. It controls sebum on oily complexions to create soft, moisturized skin. Also, It contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize and centella asiatica to calm the skin safely that is suitable for use on sensitive and troubled skin.

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