Eve's Glow  Organic Java & Coco

Eve's Glow Organic Java & Coco

Eve's Glow 磨砂膏 #咖啡椰子
  • Eve's Glow磨砂膏 #咖啡椰子

    椰油– 椰油具有消炎性質。故其對一些肌膚情況很有益處,如濕疹和牛皮癬,且其對皮膚感染具有治療作用。椰油能夠保持肌膚水分,同時具有防曬作用。它還能夠提高天然膠原蛋白產量並濕潤肌膚。

    羅布斯塔咖啡(咖啡因) – 磨砂膏所含有的咖啡因,能夠減小橘皮組織,同時收縮血管並刺激血流量。由於血管收縮,皮膚發紅就得到緩解。咖啡因還能夠促進循環,減少橘皮組織的表現、緩解妊娠紋、牛皮癬和疤痕。

    有機杏仁油– 這種成分具有出色的修復作用。富含維生素A、維生素E和維生素D,能夠解決膚色不勻問題。在滋潤乾性皮膚的同時,還能夠緩解皮膚瘙癢和發炎問題。

  • Eve's Glow Organic Java & Coco

    Coconut Oil - This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It is beneficial for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and has healing elements for skin infections. Coconut oil is moisturizing and provides protection against the sun. It also increases the natural production of collagen and moisturizes skin.

    Coffea Robusta (Caffeine) - Scrubs containing caffeine reduce the size of cellulite fat cells as well as constrict blood vessels and stimulate blood flow. As the blood vessels are constricted, redness of the skin is reduced. Caffeine also aids in circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, and scarring.

    Organic Almond Oil - This ingredient is excellent for healing. It has vitamins A, E and D and has the ability to help even out uneven skin tones. It hydrates dry skin as well as reduces itchiness and inflammation.