EXCEL Eyebrow pencil

EXCEL Eyebrow pencil

EXCEL Eyebrow pencilEXCEL 三用細致眉筆

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  • EXCEL 三用細致眉筆




    • 眉筆:筆芯軟硬適中,配上橢圓形的筆頭設計,能夠輕鬆填補眉毛之間的空隙,以及勾畫出細緻眉型。
    • 眉粉:富有自然光澤感,為眉妝添加柔和立體效果,海綿筆頭更易掌控眉粉深淺色澤。
    • 眉刷:立體的螺旋刷頭,毛質柔軟易刷,輕鬆整理好眉毛毛順,眉妝更自然整潔。
  • EXCEL Eyebrow pencil

    Powder & Pencil Eyebrow Ex is a 3-in-1 eyebrow makeup tool, which can perform as an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder and eyebrow brush. Its innovative design and wonderful makeup effect makes it to be the No.1 best eyebrow makeup product of @cosme in Japan! You can create natural and beautiful eyebrows with it.


    3-in-1 Function:

    • Eyebrow Pencil: Pencil with soft texture can easily fill in the gap of the brows and refine the eyebrow shape.
    • Eyebrow Powder: Powder with natural radiance enhances the 3D effect of the eyebrows. 
    • Eyebrow Brush: Soft and spiral brush allows the hairs look more natural and smooth.

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