Femfresh 女性私處洗護液  白百合

Femfresh 女性私處洗護液 白百合

Femfresh  Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash
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  • Femfresh 女性私處洗護液 白百合



  • Femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash

    This gentle delicately fragranced freshening wash is enriched with lactic acid and purifying calendula. It works in harmony with your body to provide an immediate feeling of freshness to the intimate skin.
    The Multi Actif odour neutralising complex with silver ions helps to leave you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.
    The low pH of the intimate area helps to protect it against sensitivity and irritation; however this natural balanced can sometimes be disrupted.
    Femfresh Ultimate Care active fresh wash is soap-free pH-balanced for the intimate area and hypoallergenic.
    It is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used as a normal shower gel.
    Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and suitable for everyday use.

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