Forencos 宋仲基款 7days mask

Forencos 宋仲基款 7days mask

Forencos 7Days Mask
  • Forencos 7Days Mask 宋仲基

    星期一:Swallow’s Nest Nutrition Silk Mask : 含有燕窩精華,可以增加肌膚彈性。
    星期二:Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask : 含有火山萃取物的深層清潔面膜,有助清除毛孔污垢。
    星期三:Caviar Moisture Silk MASK: 含有魚子精華,可為肌膚保濕。
    星期四:Teatree Relax Silk Mask: 含有茶樹油,有助紓緩及鎮靜肌膚。
    星期五:Gold Regenerating Silk MASK: 這款黃金再生面膜,可令肌膚變得柔軟嫩滑。
    星期六:Mayu Elastic Silk Mask : 這款馬油面膜可以保濕之餘,又令肌膚回復彈性。
    星期日:Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask價錢: 含有黑珍珠精華,有助增加肌膚光澤感,令肌膚回復健康亮麗。

  • Forencos 7 Days Mask

    Tea tree oil soothes irritated skin from damage and this refresh mask controls sebum balance to retain pure and clear skin.
    Tea tree extract with instant soothing effect.
    Intensive hydrating, moisturizing, firming, nourishing care.
    Formulated without 7 chemicals to be safe to sensitive skin.
    Moisturizing and soothing care.
    Included Tea tree 50mg.
    Anti-wrinkle functional, ampoule mask pack.
    7 chemical-free: Paraben, artificial dyes, Phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, Mineral oil, Sulfate, petrolatum
    Natural preservative system.

    100% Pure cotton cellulose sheets.