Guerlain 幻彩流星完美妝前修顏液

Guerlain 幻彩流星完美妝前修顏液

Guerlain Meteorites Light-diffusing Perfecting PrimerBase Perfectrice

  • Guerlain 幻彩流星完美妝前修顏液


    凝霜與明麗炫亮的粉紅色珠粉融和成質感無比清新的底霜,帶給肌膚豐盈妝效,同時糅合吸油妝粉和柔焦聚合物(polymer),有助中和過量皮脂分泌,可淡化面上瑕疵,同時撫平細紋,令膚色變得啞緻均勻,美麗一整天。 星塵技術(Stardust Technology)令粉餅每顆小珠粉都蘊藏著耀眼的鑽石粉粒,散發柔和亮光。獨特的色彩組合發揮不同的反光作用,全面改善膚色,把瑕疵一一淡化,讓容顏綻放恰到好處的亮麗光芒。

  • Meteorites Light-diffusing Perfecting Primer Base

    Guerlain Météorites Base is a skin-perfecting and anti-dullness make-up base.

    The fresh gel texture melt with the rosy pearls to give skin a plumpy finish while a combination of absorbent powders and a special polymer neutralizes excess sebum and helps to conceal blemishes for a long-lasting matt complexion that gradually becomes more even with each application. Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, light is reflected in a new direction to create soft-focus perfecting halo. Multi-coloured pearlescent flecks maximise the diffusion of light and delicately correct the complexion thanks to the unique mix of colours, signature of the Météorites range.