Guerlain 法式之吻玫瑰潤唇膏

Guerlain 法式之吻玫瑰潤唇膏

Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Lip Balm Rose Lip

  • Guerlain 法式之吻玫瑰潤唇膏

    「KissKiss Roselip」是法國嬌蘭首度研製、兼具潤澤與豐盈作用的有色潤唇膏,成份中蘊含玫瑰精油。
    KissKiss Roselip以甫剛綻放、色澤柔和悅目的玫瑰為靈感,帶來六種不同色調,自然誘惑的唇膏。多款鮮麗的唇色,由迷人的鮮紅以至浪漫的粉紅,配襯不同女性的不同心情。

  • Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Lip Balm Rose Lip

    Guerlain imagines KissKiss Roselip, its first hydrating and plumping tinted lip balm boasting an expert formula infused with rose extract, moisturizing jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid.
    Lips as soft and smooth as petals of rose, deserve the most delicate attention and the most luminous colours. Subtly coloured, the lips are adorned with a soft and natural glow. 
    Kiss Kiss Roselip offers 6 shades for naturally irresistible lips, inspired by the delicate hues of freshly hatched roses. Most vibrant colours for every woman and every mood: from charming red to romantic pink.