Guerlain  Abeille Royale Gold Eye Tech Sérum

Guerlain  Abeille Royale Gold Eye Tech Sérum

Guerlain 黃金眼部塑型精華素

  • Guerlain 黃金眼部塑型精華素


  • Guerlain  Abeille Royale Gold Eye Tech Sérum

    The first Guerlain Eye Sculpt Serum that combines a revolutionary formula, a unique applicator and an exclusive massaging technique for a wide-open eyes:
    - a formula which concentrates the effective repairing power of Guerlain bee products*
    - an applicator that follows the natural movement of your finger 
    - a massage technique devised by experts from the Guerlain Institute
    The eye contour looks decongested, smoother and more radiant. Dark circles and puffiness seem less visible. The eyelids appear up-lifted and the eyes seem wider.
    *In vitro tests on ingredients