Guerlain Cils d' Enfer Maxi Lash Waterproof

Guerlain Cils d' Enfer Maxi Lash Waterproof

Guerlain 豐盈鬈翹睫毛液

  • Guerlain 豐盈鬈翹睫毛液

    「Cils d’Enfer」是誘惑眾生的終極武器,它以精妙的配方為睫毛添上濃黑亮澤,秘密是可以增加睫毛厚度和塑造不同弧度的防水蠟質。它們合起來可以令睫毛在輕輕一刷間顯著變得豐盈濃密,眼線上的每根睫毛均鬈翹有致。睫毛液逐層輕輕黏附,方便營造理想密度,效果分明持久。睫毛從此可以全天候向世人炫耀迷人的曲線。
    水掩、高溫、濕氣,對這款全新的睫毛液來說通通不成問題。「Cils d’Enfer Waterproof」是全球沙灘美女的魔法神仙棒,保證美睫的妝效完美持久,迷人至極。

  • Guerlain Cils d' Enfer Maxi Lash Waterproof

    The ultimate weapon of seduction, Cils d’Enfer defines and intensifies eyes with a genius formula whose secret is a combination of waterproof volumizing and styling waxes. These work together to add dramatic volume and curl to the entire lash line, all in a single stroke. Each new coat layers up lightly to offer made-to-measure volume and impeccable wear. All day long, lashes flaunt their curves for all to see.
    Colour gets intense as black pigment imparts mysterious depth. The innovative brush, with its round, generous shape, sculpts curls to perfection and maximizes volume hour after hour.
    Water, heat, humidity – nothing is too much for this new mascara. The magic wand of bathing beauties everywhere, Cils d’Enfer Waterproof promises ultimate wear and irresistible results.