House of Rose OH BABY! 身體去角質磨砂膏

House of Rose OH BABY! 身體去角質磨砂膏

HOUSE OF ROSE Oh!Baby Body Smoother Scrub 

  • House of Rose OH BABY! 身體去角質磨砂膏

    美白推介日本直送「Oh! Baby 身體去角質滋潤磨砂膏」(570g)!產品獲無數用家熱愛,連續 3 年榮獲美體化妝品冠軍,07 年進入日本 cosme 殿堂,人氣之選!採以溫泉水結晶為主要原料,添加蠶絲微粒磨砂粒子,以幼細質地去除肌膚表面上的死皮、老化角質,令肌膚柔軟水潤,充滿透明感。同時加入美白成分,讓肌膚淨白清爽,提升亮度,由內而外白滑迷人!

  • House of Rose Oh!Baby Body Smoother Scrub

    Whitening promotion Japan send "Oh! Baby body exfoliating scrub" (570g)! Products by numerous users love, for 3 consecutive years won the US cosmetics champion, 07 years into the Japanese cosme hall, popular choice! Take the crystallization of hot spring water as the main raw material, add silk particles scrub particles to the young and fine texture to remove the skin on the dead skin, aging skin, so that the skin soft and moist, full of transparency. While adding whitening ingredients, so that the skin whitening fresh, enhance the brightness, from the inside out white and charming!