Innisfree 控油礦物蜜粉

Innisfree 控油礦物蜜粉

Innisfree No sebum mineral powder 

  • Innisfree 控油礦物蜜粉


  • Innisfree No sebum mineral powder

    Specially designed for oil-based skin design of oil control powder, designed for oil control, no concealer and adjust the skin color effect, even without makeup can also be used.
    The use of double sebum control system, lasting to keep the skin fresh.
    Containing sebum absorption powder, a more lipophilic than the water powder, absorption of sebum at the same time, will not absorb the skin surface moisture together, so the oil control but not dry.
    Contains natural mineral powder and mint, green tea ingredients, regulate the balance of sebum secretion, keep the skin water and oil balance.