Innisfree 森林男仕護膚套裝<混合及油性皮膚用>

Innisfree 森林男仕護膚套裝<混合及油性皮膚用>

Innisfree Forest for Men Fresh Set
  • 森林男仕護膚套裝<混合及油性皮膚用>


    - 含有天然氨基酸成分,為肌膚供給肌膚水分,清爽不黏膩; 
    - 優秀的皮質吸附能力&天然水楊酸成分有效去除油脂和敏感肌膚的痘痘,讓肌膚恢復健康平滑; 
    3.innisfree森林男仕深層洗面乳 50ml(贈品) 
    - 薄荷及磨砂膏幫助鎮定肌膚並給予清爽感。

  • Innisfree Forest for Men Fresh Set

    Phytoncide from Jeju's native pine, cedar, and retinispora trees relieves skin stress. 

    1. Forest fresh skin 
    This toner provides moisture without leaving any stickiness. 

    2. Forest for men sebum & trouble zero lotion 
    The sebum-absorbing powder in this lotion reduces excessive facial oil. 

    3. Forest for men deep cleansing foam 
    Contains menthol and micro-granules to provide fresh, smooth skin.