Innisfree 綠茶籽精萃保濕精華

Innisfree 綠茶籽精萃保濕精華

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

  • Innisfree 綠茶籽精萃保濕精華


    全新Green Tea AD升級版鮮榨綠茶系列,所有產品均為100%鮮榨綠茶製造,

  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

    Green tea seed ingredients can supplement the skin between the lipid layer of nutrients and nutrition, lock the skin moisture, containing green tea extract 77.1%, 5 times stronger than the general essence moisturizing.
    Autumn after flowering, contains four seasons of green tea seed can add moisture and nutrition for the skin lipid layer, lock the skin moisture.
    After cleansing the first use, natural moisturizing factor for the skin to maintain the best state of lock water.

    The new scientific and technological extraction of organic green tea leaves in the original essence, completely replace the green tea pure water,
    The new Green Tea AD upgraded version of fresh green tea series, all products are 100% fresh green tea manufacturing,
    Contains 100% organic green tea stock solution, and among the green tea seed line products are more rich in double green tea seed, for the skin to enhance the double powerful water lock capacity.