Kanebo Hadabisei Moisture Penetration Acne Medicated Mask

Kanebo Hadabisei Moisture Penetration Acne Medicated Mask

Kanebo 肌美精 綠面膜 (綠色)

  • Kanebo 肌美精 綠面膜 (綠色)



  • Kanebo Hadabisei Moisture Penetration Acne Medicat

    This section acne repair medicinal mask for the recurrence of intractable acne, mature skin in the U-type area of acne, outside the oil dry skin acne, and various because of stress; lack of sleep; physiological period or period; Nutritional imbalance and other reasons caused by acne have a good inhibition, improvement and anti-acne printed desalination effect.

    The main ingredient is vitamin C + extract green tea essence + グ ル チ ル リ チ チ ン anti-inflammatory ingredients, often used for long acne, adult pox, often stay up all night and work tired and long acne, can control oil replenishment, compact pores, anti-inflammatory calm, clean acne. No spices, no coloring agent, is a boy or girl, you correspond to acne skin good auxiliary care products.