Kanebo Suisai 酵素洗顏粉

Kanebo Suisai 酵素洗顏粉

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder
  • Kanebo Suisai 酵素洗顏粉






  • Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

    1.with the enzyme , removing the sebum produced by the decomposition of residual protein , clear pores of dirt , to give you a smooth flawless skin ;

    2. cooperate with the anti-inflammatory ingredients , while keeping the skin clean to prevent acne , it is also suitable for dry, dehydrated skin , after washing the skin smooth and not tight ;

    3 , in order to bring dull skin feeling perfectly clear ;

    4. Washing After use, make the skin more easily on the makeup. 【Instructions】 1 yeast cleansing powder fell on the palm ; 2 add a little water to make it into a little bubble wipe ; 3 smear on the face, from the beginning Gently T zone , and then rinse with water . [ Action] Shrink pores, make skin smooth , remove blackheads , skin, improve dull skin roughness , enlarged pores and adult acne , but also play a role in the prevention of skin problems .