KINO  Natural Tree Extract Foot Detox Patch - Red Chilli

KINO  Natural Tree Extract Foot Detox Patch - Red Chilli

KINO  Natural Tree Extract Foot Detox Patch - Red Chilli樹之惠 天然樹液足底舒緩足貼-辣椒

  • 樹之惠 天然樹液足底舒緩足貼-辣椒

    KINOMEGUMI (樹之惠) 針對新陳代謝速度減慢,以及長時間站立或姿勢不良而導致廢物毒素積聚於腳部的問題,研製出天然樹液排毒足貼去舒緩雙腳疲勞,讓都市人在睡眠的過程中改善人體內部的平衡,從而擁有舒適和健康的雙腳。天然樹液排毒足貼的成分來自日本,效果深受大眾的認可。



    • 舒緩疲勞:著名的竹樹液粉末的活性成分有效護理疲憊的足部。配合其他天然成份,加強血液循環並護理肌膚,有效改善乾燥龜裂等問題。
    • 排走毒素:精華在足底反射區滲透後進行排毒,減輕由毒素累積所造成的疼痛和各種不適。
    •  驅寒作用:唐辛子具有驅寒目的,可促進血液循環,改善新陳代謝。特別適合長期身處於冷氣房的上班一族及容易發寒的女性使用。
  • Natural Tree Extract Foot Detox Patch - Red Chill

    • After standing and walking for a whole day, we all have tired feet at the end of the day. KINOMEGUMI understands we all want to relieve the tensed muscles of our feet, so the natural Foot Care Relax Sheet is generated to cater our needs.
    • The Foot Care Relax Sheet consists of natural ingredients such as bamboo sap and vitamin C, which are originated from Japan to nurture the skin.
    • Applying during sleeping time, the sheet is discolored to brown by water supply force of bamboo sap powder in the next morning. It gives your feet a comfortable experience, along with the relaxing aroma. The feet are incredibly soft and refreshed again, and you will be greeted a clean pleasant morning.
    • Mugwort has a function of boosting metabolism in body, you can feel energetic after using the Foot Care Relax Sheet.