KOSE  高絲面膜 (黃) 5片裝

KOSE 高絲面膜 (黃) 5片裝

Kose CLEAR TURN White Mask (Vitamin C)

  • KOSE 高絲面膜 (黃) 5片裝

    • 活性美白成份:配方採用穩定型維他命C。
    • 配方含有8種氨基酸。貼合肌膚的面膜,可以防止日曬所導致的斑點和雀斑,締造充滿透明感的美白肌膚。
  • Kose CLEAR TURN White Mask (Vitamin C)

    • Active whitening ingredient: formula with stable vitamin C.
    • Formula with eight types of amino acids. The perfect fitting mask prevents spots and freckles from sunburns and works to nourish translucent, beautiful white skin.