Kose  高絲高濃度果凍面膜 (藍色) 4片裝

Kose 高絲高濃度果凍面膜 (藍色) 4片裝

Kose Clear turn premium royal jelly mask (Collagen)

  • Kose 高絲高濃度果凍面膜 (藍色) 4片裝

    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Premium系列集六種功效於一身,是一款富含高濃度美容成分和精華美容液的高級護膚面膜。




    • 保濕彈潤:滋潤緩解乾燥肌膚,使用後肌膚回復水嫩、細膩、緊緻,有助增加肌膚彈性。
    • 消除細紋:強效保濕能力有效改善乾燥,從而去除乾紋,達到撫平細紋的效果,使肌膚飽滿亮麗。
    •  6效合一:擁有爽膚水、美容液、乳液、面霜、面膜和眼膜6種功效,輕鬆進行全面護理。
  • Kose Clear turn premium royal jelly mask -Collagen

    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Premium Royal Jelly Mask (Collagen) (4pcs) (30g each)
    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Premium Collection is an all-in-one type mask with 6 actions, and is formulated with a high concentration of beautifying components and ultra-rich jelly serum.

    Royal Jelly Mask (Collagen) contains 3 times of the high concentration collagen and generates glowing and youthful skin on the next day.


    Multiple Features:

    • Moisturizing: Dry skin is left feeling refreshed, softened, and moisturized. It also mild and do not irritate the skin.
    • Reduces wrinkles: The enhanced moisturization clears the find lines caused by dryness.
    • 6 actions in one: The mask combines the effects of lotion, serum, emulsion, face cream, face pack and eye mask.